Tequila Rey Jaguar

For those who know how to appreciate the distinctive flavor of a 100% Pure Agave Tequila

Premium Line

Tequila carefully prepared at the first distillery having an ecological boiler in operation. This Premium Tequila is prepared with the highest quality standards, which translates into complete satisfaction for the most demanding palate.

Rey Jaguar Reposado

A sparkling, golden colored tequila with a great aroma and medium body.  100% agave, a most carefully distilled product, tamely rested in cellars for 6 months.

Attributes of Rey Jaguar Reposado

Color:  Mid-tone amber

Rest:  3-5 months of rest in American Oak barrels (blend)

Aroma:  Smoky, nutty, cooked agave with a light touch of yeast. Sweet and fruity like pineapple or orange zest. Herbal like spearmint and fresh grass. Anise, oak, wet straw with touches of roasted corn.

Flavor:  Slightly sweet but predominantly citric. Cooked agave, as sweet as oak wood

Body:  Medium

Rey Jaguar Silver

Crystalline White Tequila

Crystalline white tequila carefully prepared in the distillery through a double distillation process; 100% agave.  This tequila is not subject to any ageing or maturing process, except for a final period of rest before it is bottled.  Rey Jaguar Silver is for those who know how to appreciate the distinctive flavor of pure agave.  Rey Jaguar Silver possesses the true flavor and aroma of blue agave.

Attributes of Rey Jaguar Silver

Color:  Bright crystalline

Rest:  Does not apply

Aroma:  Wet agave, fresh grass and citric fruits, green fruits like mango peel, pineapple, raw agave, a touch of the sweetness of must

Flavor:  Slightly bitter and smoky, predominantly citric, spearminty, with nuances of cinnamon spice and roasted corn

Body:  Light

Rey Jaguar Añejo

Prepared in small batches, 100% pure agave; the color is vivid, firm and clean, with a bright, intense ochre tone.  Its aroma corresponds to a product in harmonious equilibrium, qualities that are achieved by obtaining the liquids that result from a third distillation of the blue variety of agave tequilana weber, as well as a 24-month ageing process in French and American Oak barrels, which give it an exquisite smoothness.  With its well-balanced flavor of the purest blue agave combined with the smooth flavor of the best wood, Rey Jaguar is a tequila of the highest quality that will please the most demanding palate.

Attributes of Rey Jaguar Añejo

Color:  Intense bright ochre

Rest:  24-month ageing process in American and French Oak barrels

Aroma:  A touch of wood, a mix of nut and vanilla, a touch of slightly smoked coffee.  The cooked agave, with a fresh herbal aroma has a sweetness like that of honey, maple and raisins.

Flavor:  Smooth to the immediate palate, with highlights of wood, nut, caramel and vanilla. Slightly bitter with the presence of cooked agave, and a mixture of spices, such as ginger, and a touch of fruit like apple and pear

Body:  Medium

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